About Us

Wayne’s World Media Group is a nimble, shape-shifting, integrated marketing communications group specializing in getting your voice heard; using big projects, strategic partnership building, research and market analysis to solve problems and create opportunities across a range of industries: lifestyle, media, motorsport, technology, e-commerce, destination and travel marketing being a few.

We’re strategic thinkers and doers who combine seasoned experience with new talent. And while we made our bones on brand building teams for top travel destinations worldwide, these skills have few boundaries in today’s fast-changing media marketplace.

Travel is big business in a global economy –  and is part of economic development. We do both. Whatever the industry or niche, we create strategic communications and brand positioning programs to meet your advertising, marketing and brand goals – using traditional and digital media outlets to reach trade and consumer audiences worldwide, with persuasive messaging and storytelling to influence perceptions and purchase decisions.

But more than just ‘buy media,’ we look for value. We search for the greatest leverage, the most visible positioning, the most satisfying return on investment. So we pack our deals with more than just ‘discount rates’ for your ad dollars — we bring campaign and project value, amped up power to your cash investment!

Wayne’s World Media Group
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