An Invitation in Three Movements: Tourism, Health and Wellness Tourism, and Medical Travel
Four central European countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – have joined together to promote tourism to the region in a unique ensemble of countries that share borders; history; cultural and gourmet delights; unique tourist attractions; and an abundance of health, wellness, and medical services. This joint marketing initiative draws its name from the musical heritage of the region and is called the “European Quartet“.

Third Movement: Medical Travel

by Elizabeth Ziemba

Medical TravelPeople seek medical care outside of where they live for a variety of reasons. Some people decide to pay for medical care out of pocket because certain services may not be available in the home country or the quality of care may be better in another country. Long wait times may prompt people to travel for medical treatment or a lower cost may be the driving factor.

For people living in the European Union, the Cross Border Health Directive provides guidelines for when individuals can access medical care in other EU countries that can be reimbursed by the home country. Whatever the motivating reason, more and more people are traveling more and more places for medical care. Why not consider Central Europe?

Medical TourismThe European Quartet countries all have doctors and other healthcare professionals who speak English as well as other languages. Assistance is available to answer your questions about healthcare services, arrange with travel, and other logistical aspects of medical travel can be coordinated with companies called Facilitators. Facilitators specialize in medical travel and can help smooth the process. Accessing these countries is easy as there are many low cost flights to all four countries within Europe as well as flights from the United States, Russia, Middle East, and Asia.

Travelers and expatriates alike access executive check-ups, medical tests, and second opinions in Central Europe to take advantage of high quality, short or no wait times, and start of the art medical equipment. Obtaining these services in a country other than the one of residence offers a degree of privacy appealing to many individuals. A second opinion in another country may offer insights or treatments unavailable to patients in their home countries.

More extension medical treatments require much more planning and the selection of a provider that is right for that individual patient. Hospitals and specialty clinics offer a wide variety of treatments from cardiac, orthopedic, and neurological services to specialty services such as eye care and cancer (oncology) treatments.

Medical TravelWith proper research and assistance from providers, prospective patients can receive high quality medical services in all four countries. For Europeans, these services may be eligible for reimbursement from the home country. For American and Canadians, there may be substantial cost savings or no wait times. Patients traveling from other countries can access care that may not be available in their home countries.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, looking for unique services to improve your overall health, accessing dental care, or seeking medical treatments, the countries of the European Quartet – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia – offer an array of services in beautiful surroundings to make your trip a success.

Medical TravelCentral Europe provides a travel experience to appeal to tourists looking for vacations that offer something for everyone including a variety of health and wellness treatments to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul. These four countries also offer high quality, affordable medical care for travelers exploring short wait times and caring attention from well-trained medical professionals.

When selecting medical care, consider the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia for your well-being.
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Article by Elizabeth Ziemba

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