Nena Komarica

Nena Komarica

Ms. Nena Komarica
Art Historian, Culture and Tourism Consultant

Nena is currently an Art Historian, Culture and Tourism Consultant for Wayne’s World Media Group. She was the Director of USA and Canada for the Croatian National Tourist Office for over 10 years and served as a Board Member on the  Executive Committee for the European Travel Commission (ETC) between 2000 to 2005.

As an Art Historian, Nena consistently organizes many international exhibits, concerts and promotions of Croatian archaeology. While representing the Croatian National Tourist Office and the European Travel Commission, Nena developed extensive tour operator and travel agent contacts and databases, participated in many travel trade conferences and created incentive programs, groups, pilgrimages and Foreign Independent Tours (FITs).

She has also coordinated and managed media programs of special interest and cultural tours. Nena recently provided strategic counsel and attendee support for the European Travel Commission’s Transatlantic Conference New York City and currently works directly with Losinj Hotels & Villas and the Losinj Croatia Tourism Office.

Nena currently resides and has offices in New York City and Zagreb, Croatia – assisting clients in transition.

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