Wayne V. Lee, Jr.

Wayne V. Lee, Jr.

Wayne V. Lee, Jr.
Traditional, Digital and Social Media Strategist

Wayne has held senior business development and partner marketing positions at CBS Corporation, AccuWeather Digital Media and The New York Times. He is an innovator and behind-the-scenes catalyst who has launched many highly visible lifestyle and travel television and digital programming and marketing campaigns. His traditional and digital media experience encompasses the creation and execution of regional, national and international campaigns using integrated strategies to lift the brand names and achieve the marketing objectives of high profile travel and tourism brands and world-renowned destinations. And in the process he has launched partnership initiatives with financial firms and others in travel-related marketing sectors allowing clients to maximize their budgets and results.

Wayne has developed and handled campaigns for the European Travel Commission and has worked directly with numerous European, African, Caribbean and Asian countries and their partners in launching marketing programs that utilize new and traditional media platforms for both trade and consumer audiences. He is equally nimble and at home in developing B2B and B2C campaigns that achieve significant return on investment. As a partner marketing specialist, he has opened doors that led to powerful client partnerships with Delta Air Lines, Orbitz-Worldwide, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Turkish Airlines, MasterCard, Hotels.com, Oceanic Dive Gear and Travelocity, to name a few. In addition to lifestyle and travel, Wayne has also created strategic partnership programs in the consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries.

His complete understanding of custom content marketing, analytics and other metric models, broadcast quality video production and online distribution, social media, event and partnership marketing allows Wayne’s World Media Group to best utilize all media assets for successful consumer and trade marketing campaigns. Wayne’s involvement with building online publisher advertising and marketing teams and optimizing all revenue streams allows him to make decisions from a strategic vantage point in assessing the options for best utilizing multiple digital platforms.

In today’s media world, Wayne is excited about the sometimes overlooked, highly cost efficient and occasionally pioneering marketing opportunities that can be used to gain competitive advantage based on client and partner resources. Whether it’s traditional and digital strategy or exclusive integrated branded entertainment, the team at Wayne’s World Media Group delivers measurable results no matter what the challenges.

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